Friday, October 01, 2010

Janet the pioneer! Our first ‘artisan food career’ entrepreneur!

Our first artisan foods entrepreneur has set sail.

Janet will become the first person to utilize our ‘Artisan Food Career’ package to launch a new food business through the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen.

Janet retired after a long, successful career as a teacher. Now Janet is launching her encore career.

I could not be more impressed with Janet’s enthusiasm. More importantly, Janet is (patiently!) helping us test our intake systems for new entrepreneurs at the Innovation Kitchen. Thank you, Janet!

And we’re still friends.

The Innovation Kitchen, and our “Artisan Foods Career’ package is emerging as a really unique and valuable opportunity for food entrepreneurs. This wonderful place can be your legal commercial kitchen for running a food business from wherever you live that can ship world wide.

And the Innovation Kitchen is nestled in spectacular Iowa County Wisconsin. The kitchen is located in historic, artistic Mineral Point. Surrounded by amazing farms and big demand from regional cities. Iowa County is in the Madison region of beautiful southern Wisconsin. When you visit your processing plant it’s a business trip. Top that.

The Innovation Kitchen is a food entrepreneur’s dream. Well, perhaps it will be a little more dream-like after Janet graciously helps us test the system.

So, Janet has become our first artisan foods career entrepreneur.

Thank you, Janet the pioneer!

This is all being made possible by the Hodan Center. The person making all the food goodness happen is Annette Pierce, Food Service Director for the Hodan Center and Master of the Universe.

Photo is looking through the amazing plant kaleidoscope ("observer of beautiful forms.") at our wonderful Olbrich Gardens in Madison, WI

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