Monday, August 15, 2011

Hubba visit to the Innovation Kitchen. Our Great Lakes Food Hub Network continues to emerge.

Our wonderful Great Lakes Food Hub Network gathered in Southwest Wisconsin recently. This is a hub of food hubs so we call ourselves the Hubba Hubbas of course.

Among other stops, I was honored to welcome the group to our Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen in Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin.

The day before, my pal Sue Noble from Vernon County (WI) Economic Development offered up a great presentation at the Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesen visitors center on the north side of Iowa County. At this meeting we also welcomed Leland Strom, Chairman and CEO of the U.S. Farm Credit Administration to discuss our projects. Great stuff!

During this multi-day visit our Great Lakes group moved forward in many constructive ways.

After the tour of the Innovation Kitchen on Saturday, I helped welcome our Hubba group to the beautiful, newly refurbished Mineral Point Opera House. The full group photos on my camera didn't work out, but the photo above shows a fun subset of our group

Front row (l to r): Mike Sands, Liberty Prairie Foundation / Prairie Crossing. Marty Payne and Elaine Sebald, Edible Economy.

Back row (l to r): Rick (me), Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen / Iowa County Area Economic Development. Fred Carter, Black Oaks Center for Sustainable and Renewable Living. Terra Brockman, Edible Economy. Joe Bute, Hollymead Capital Partners / Republic Food Center.

Hubbas! Thanks for a great visit to our region and especially for your visit to the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen in beautiful Iowa County!

Vernon Economic Development Association. Go Sue!

Liberty Prairie Foundation / Prairie Crossing

Black Oaks Center for Sustainable and Renewable Living Our next Hubba gathering will be at the Black Oaks Center in Northeast Illinois.

Edible Economy in Central Illinois.

Hollymead Capital Partners

United States Farm Credit Administration.

Iowa County Area Economic Development

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Mineral Point Opera House.

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