Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Resources for Entrepreneurs With Disabilities

It is such an honor to be able to work with friends with disabilities at the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen.

Tom Schraeder and Annette (Master of the Universe) and their entire team at the Hodan Center have created a strategic moment in time for rural economic development and regional food systems.

The opportunities for work, entrepreneurship, economic development and community building through the kind of regional food system experiments we're running are significant. Importantly they're replicable.

I believe our model of small scale food processing facilities can be utilized by people with disabilities to create and grow their own small businesses. The fact that our model is making good jobs for other folks with disabilities is a great piece of the puzzle.

This valuable resource for entrepreneurship information for people with disabilities comes from disabilities.gov --

Resources for Entrepreneurs With Disabilities

Our Innovation Kitchen

There are 50 million people living with a disability in the United States. Here is President Obama's guiding principles for creating a better life for all our family and friends and neighbors with disabilities, and all the rest of us, pre-disability.

Disability.gov blog.


defendor said...

Starting a home based business can be a great opportunity for many people with disabilities. These kinds of business gives more flexibility, along with more control over a working environment. If you have been considering setting a home based business, make sure you check out and utilize all useful resources to grow a business.

Andy said...

This is awesome information. I could definitely use this for my children with disabilities non-profit.