Thursday, November 08, 2012

2012 Iowa County Wisconsin Entrepreneurs of the Year

Congratulations 2012 Iowa County Wisconsin Entrepreneurs of the Year!

Our Iowa County Area Economic Development Corporation (ICAEDC) is proud to announce it’s first group of local business leaders chosen as Iowa County Area Entrepreneurs of the Year.

The awards are being presented in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week, Nov. 12-18, 2012.

According the Global Entrepreneurship Week website,  “The celebration of Global Entrepreneurship week is about unleashing ideas and doing what it takes to bring them to life—spotting opportunities, taking risks, solving problems, being creative, building connections and learning from both failure and success. It is about thinking big and making your mark on the world—doing good while doing well at the same time.”

This year’s award winners highlight both established and new businesses popping up all over Iowa County.  This is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur, and Iowa County is a great place to grow new businesses.

As the ICAEDC slogan says, “Iowa County, Wisconsin.  Come Grow With Us.

Winners for 2012 Iowa County Entrepreneurs of the Year include (from the photo left to right):

Kristin Mitchell Design - Kristin Mitchell

Johnston Gallery / Brewery Pottery - Tom and Diana Johnston.  (Diana in photo)

Walnut Hollow - Dave Ladd, Sandy Bartelt, Chris Ladd.  (Dave and Sandy in photo)

Bob's Bitchin' BBQ - Bob and Judy Page.  (Bob in photo at center)

Sielaff Corporation - Alex, Ulrich and Jason Sielaff

Rick Terrien, ICAEDC is on the far right.

Congratulations to our 2012 Iowa County Wisconsin Entrepreneurs of the Year!

Iowa County Area Economic Development Corporation 

This article appeared in today's Dodgeville Chronicle (11/8/12) but is not yet online.

Photo credit - Barry Hottmann - Thanks!

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