Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen annual party!

The Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen is a wonderful place.

It creates jobs and opportunities for all kinds of people including those with disabilities.

Today we celebrated their annual Foodservice Party.

It is an honor to be involved with this amazing group of friends and co-workers.  And when they throw a party...

My contribution to the party is to choose and call out playing cards for a really cool bingo game that Foodservice Director and Mistress of the Universe Annette Pierce (top photo) conjured up.

Playing this game with my all friends at the kitchen is wonderful.    Adam and Mitch (middle photo) are always great to work with and have fun with - when the boss lets us. 

My friends also tastefully redecorated my office during the party.  Brooke and Margaret seem pleased with the results.  (bottom photo)

But I was not without my own surprises.  An interview I did a couple of years ago at the opening of the kitchen quoted me as saying the new kitchen enterprise was "like a shiny spaceship landing in rural Wisconsin."  Of course, my friends at the kitchen then presented me with a tin foil hat with antennae made from spoons and forks.  A really beautiful thing that I've hidden away - waiting for the right moment - ever since.

Today I brought that beautiful hat out to wear during our card bingo games.  Perhaps that photo may show up in a future post.  Or not.

A special thanks to Annette and her staff and the entire Hodan Center team for all you do to make this possible.

Thanks to all my friends at the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen for a great party! 

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

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Unknown said...

I want to see the hat! Photos, or it didn't happen.