Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Congratulations Hook's Cheese!

I love Hook's Cheese.  Tony and Julie are globally cool, rock-star cheese makers.

What a great honor to work with them in Iowa County.

Their cheese plant is just down the hill from my office at the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen in Mineral Point.

Their 15 year old cheddar is in my fridge.

Tony and Julie have been models of entrepreneurship for decades.  I love their cheese and I love their work ethic. 

Here is a quote from a Wisconsin State Journal recent interview:

Q:  Do you still work 100 hours a week?

A:  It's back to around 80 hours a week, but now it seems like fun.  I get to deal more directly with peopleand they're buying your product, that's got your name on it.  Even though it's hard work, it doesn't seem as hard anymore.

Thank you Tony and Julie Hook!  Rock star cheese makers and amazing sustainable entrepreneurs.

The article about Hook's Cheese was written by Jane Burns in the Nov. 14th, 2012 Wisconsin State Journal.

Hook's Cheese

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