Saturday, January 12, 2013

Acala Farms takes center stage with flavor-infused cottonseed oils

My friend Sarah Botham just posted a great update about their Acala Farms Flavor-infused Cottonseed Oils.

Our Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen is proud to work with Acala Farms and Sarah to grow their wonderful new brand.

I'll link to original articles below.

From Acala Farms:  "Acala Farms Flavor-infused Cottonseed Oils took center stage before the media and the cotton community at the annual Beltwide Cotton Conference, held recently in San Antonio, TX, and came away a crowd favorite. We're so proud. Read all about it."

From Farm Futures: "Re-introducing cotton seed oil as a cooking choice and showing the way to provide the salt and spice flavor with no added salt or pepper, Botham Brands of Wisconsin is launching Alcala Farms cooking oils, with the help of Cotton Incorporated.

From AgWired: "Cotton Incorporated held one of the best press conferences I've ever attended... featuring a cooking demonstration with flavor-infused cottonseed oils."

Congratulations Acala Farms!

Farm Futures:  Flavored Cottonseed Oil for Gourmet Cooking.      Botham Brands launches Acala Farms cottonseed oils in various Southwestern flavors."  By Dan Crummett .  Published: Jan 11, 2013

AgWired: Cooking with Cottonseed Oil.   Posted January 11, 2013.  

Acala Farms.  

Innovation Kitchen

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