Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Next presentation. The Farmland Investment Fair, presented by The Chicago Farmers. This Saturday Feb. 2. Join us!

My next presentation is this Saturday at the Farmland Investment Fair presented by The Chicago Farmers in Joliet, IL.

I'll be speaking about the profitable opportunities to grow agriculture sales in the emerging local and regional food markets.

The experiments we've run in Iowa County, Wisconsin and at the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen show that new markets for safely and minimally processed foods can play a major role in both rural and urban economic development.

Farms can generate significant new income, diversify their sales channels and build brand awareness for their food and farm. 

Food entrepreneurs in urban areas can partner with rural processing facilities for year-round access to safe, nutritious, local foods of all kinds.

The Chicago Farmers is an organization that provides a forum for education and the exchange of information between its members and others allied to agribusiness. 

Their Farmland Investment Fair is this Saturday at the Weitendorg Agricultural Center in Joliet, IL.  There is a registration link on The Chicago Farmers site below.

Join us!  

Farms - like all smart businesses and all well managed portfolios - need to diversify.  Our Innovation Kitchen model gives smart farmers the chance to affordably plan, experiment, and grow with these new opportunities.   

The Chicago Farmers Farmland Investment Fair  Saturday Feb. 2, 2013.  Join us!

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