Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cleveland Crops! - Cleveland rocks!

I love Cleveland.  

My last business had great friends and customers all over the Cleveland region.  I always loved visiting and working there.

This week, we hosted a really fun visit by new group of friends from the Cleveland area at the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen. 

A coalition of folks visited from the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the Cleveland Mayor's office, and some really cool community groups.

We all enjoyed the visit.  I especially was grateful to learn more about a great program in Cleveland called Cleveland Crops, an agricultural training and employment of the Cuyahoga Board of Developmental Disabilities, in partnership with their nonprofit organization, SAW, Inc.

In addition to managing and operating greenhouses and a processing center for year-round production, Cleveland Crops will employ 100 people with disabilities and farm properties of one acre or more throughout Cuyahoga County.

My pal Zina Murray (far left in photo, next to Annette Pierce Mistress of the Universe) also came up from Chicago to join our discussions. 

Thanks for a great visit.  Cleveland Crops!  Cleveland rocks!

Cleveland Crops / Standard Farm Facebook page

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