Monday, March 04, 2013

Innovation Kitchen partner featured on

Congratulations to Innovation Kitchen partner Food Your Body Likes!

Their great Cereal Revolution line of foods is now featured on

Cereal Revolution will be available for another few days.  Then will feature their amazing Yumbutter line.

Congratulations Matt and Adrian! 

Here is a quote:

"Like you, we believe in the goodness of the human spirit. Our potions embody flavors as bold as world peace that wow your taste buds, rock your mouth, and dish out the energy your body needs to live the dream. Welcome to the Cereal Revolution."

Thank you Food Your Body Likes!  We are celebrate your food preparation partnership with our Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen!   Food Your Body Likes.  Healthy Cereal Your Body Needs

Matt D’Amour & Adrian Reif, Chief Revolutionaries, Food Your Body Likes 

Innovation Kitchens 

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