Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tom Peters / Penelope Trunk interview

Tom Peters has picked up on a really cool blogger/writer/entrepreneurial activist/and a person with many other good attributes, Penelope Trunk, in an interview on his site dated 8_6_07

Ms. Trunk works from my home base of Madison, WI. I've linked to her previously and want to highlight her entrepreneurship writing more in the future.

Penelope writes a great blog. I recommend subscribing. I believe she is an important new writer discussing life from a great perspective. I'm a big fan of her writing especially her emphasis on keeping the important things (family, integrity, life) important. It's reassuring as hell to hear her voice rise out of the noise.

I recommend the Tom Peters interview linked below. Here is a sample I thought you'd like...

Tom P: This is why I like your blog; I enjoy your attitude. Yet it seems there are still massive numbers of folks going to Harvard and such and getting their MBAs. They must be jumping into the corporate ring.

Penelope: Most of them want to pursue entrepreneurship. If you look at the materials from business schools, they fall all over themselves saying how good they are at teaching entrepreneurship. Why do people want entrepreneurship? They want flexibility, control over their time, control over their workload. They want all the things that we know make work good. Whereas Baby Boomers just want some money and a title. We know those things don't make work good.

Tom P: But the reality of being an entrepreneur is that you're going to work more hours than at any other kind of job. Entrepreneurship is beyond the extreme jobs as Sylvia Ann Hewlett describes them, right?

Penelope: Only if you want to be the next Microsoft. For example, most women are solo entrepreneurs. It's a lifestyle thing. We used to say that the majority of new businesses fail. We throw that statistic around all the time. But, in fact, success as an entrepreneur today for Generations X and Y is achieving the lifestyle. Entrepreneurship is a success if you had a good time. I think very few people would want to run Microsoft. I think most people would want to sell it before it got that big. Who wants Bill Gates' life? All he does is work.

Tom P: I agree. But I think a lot of people, for some reason, are really attracted to eighteen gazillion dollars.

Penelope: I don't think that's true. I've read great real estate articles about the current glut of McMansions. Baby Boomers are selling them to retire to New York City and drive up housing prices there. Generation X is moving out to the suburbs to raise their kids, but they don't want to live in those houses. Those houses look ridiculous to us. And if we don't want those houses, we certainly don't need eighteen million dollars to build a bigger house.

Tom P: You say you need only 40 thousand dollars.

Penelope: I do say that.....

The Tom Peters interview with Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk's site

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