Friday, June 03, 2011

Employment directly related to the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Our Innovation Kitchen is a wonderful startup. Every day the story gets better and new opportunities emerge.

I gathered this data for my friend Karen at Fresh Taste in Chicago who helped put the summary into the linked doc below.

The entire team at the Hodan Center, especially Tom and Annette, should stand tall for this accomplishment. In a stormy global sea of economic difficulties, this is high ground.

Employment directly related to the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Full time professional food staff : 6
Client-employees (developmentally disabled) : 32
Professional HR staff to support client-employees : 3
Employees of business entities currently processing through the kitchen : 30
Farmers supplying produce : 15
Employees of support businesses for kitchen entrepreneurs : 5
Sales people serving the kitchen's purchasing needs (food wholesalers, etc) : 6

Employment Total : 97

In addition:

• Approximately 700 separate businesses purchase food produced at the kitchen wholesale for resale to their customers

• The kitchen does 1-2 catering jobs per week, contributing indirectly to additional purchasing and employment in the region

Download Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen employment summary

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Hodan Center, Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Iowa County Area Economic Development Come grow with us

Fresh Taste, thanks Karen!

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