Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Local Processing and Commercial Kitchens. Ankeny, Iowa. June 27

I'm looking forward to a presentation I'll be sharing with the Iowa League of Resource Conservation and Development (RC&Ds) in Ankeny on June 27.

My talk will be on "Local Processing and Commercial Kitchens."

Specifically I want to discuss our proposals for creating a network of community based food processing facilities. This network will create jobs, help new and existing small businesses, and create economic development models that can be replicated globally.

Here is a nice overview about the Iowa RC&Ds from their site:

“Enhancing lives through conservation and community services”

"Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) is a unique program that helps people protect and develop their economic, natural, and social resources in was that improve their area’s economy, environment, and quality of life. Local RC&D Councils provide ways for people to plan and implement projects that will make their communities better places to live."

"RC&D is based on the idea that local people know what their communities need and can create solutions that will really work. Groups of local volunteers establish RC&D Councils, which represent sponsoring organizations within multi-county region. Council Directors volunteer their time to address important issues in their communities, and to build a better life for themselves and others. The strength of the RC&D Program is in local people working together to solve their own problems. The development of local leadership and community pride is a key part of RC&D projects and successes."

Thanks for the invitation! I am looking forward to visiting old friends and making new ones in Ankeny on June 27.

Iowa League of Resource Conservation and Development offices (RC&Ds).

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