Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Happy 17th anniversary Forward Community Investments!

Everyone in Wisconsin should be thankful for the work of Forward Community Investments.

A wonderful group of friends from across the state helped FCI celebrate their 17th anniversary today. Here is how this valuable and productive organization describes itself:

"Forward Community Investments works with nonprofits in Wisconsin to help them make strategic financial decisions and build their capacity for greater success today and tomorrow. In 2010, our loans totaled more than $4 million and we provided strategic advice to various nonprofits throughout the state. And, in 2011, we have money to lend and assistance to offer.

For 15+ years, FCI has been bringing together nonprofits, socially-minded investors and funders to make amazing things happen in communities throughout Wisconsin. During that time, we have lent close to $23 million to nonprofits for the development of affordable housing and community facilities and services and the promotion of economic development initiatives. Our lending has cut across urban and rural demographics alike. We invite you to discover how to become part of what we do – whether it’s by borrowing, investing or giving."

As a 35+ year for-profit entrepreneur I now am immersed in, and relishing social entrepreneurship. In the new world of social entrepreneurship you still have to make a profit but you get to define that profit in better, broader, smarter terms.

In my new work, it's my great honor and privilege to have become friends with Salli Martyniak, President of FCI. Salli has been a patient mentor, emergency relief valve, wise devil's advocate, and much more.

My hearty congrats to the entire FCI team on your 17th anniversary!


Forward Community Investments. Image copyright FCI.

Meet the FCI team

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