Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Congratulations Dr. Tim Lindsey and Caterpillar!

Amazing. Two friends from two completely different parts of my business life just joined forces.

In my recent business, we built oil and fluid recycling systems for industrial manufacturing plants around the globe. Among our best customers was Caterpillar. My wife's family also ran a manufacturing business that supplied Caterpillar for decades.

It's been great fun and a great learning experience to get to know my friend Dr. Tim Lindsey through our shared love of economic development via food and agriculture. Tim's recent work at the University of Illinois was done at a size and scale and quality that can transform the globe.

I believe he just got the chance. Tim has just joined Caterpillar as their Global Director of Sustainable Development.

Congratulations to all involved!

Here is a description of Tim's goals for Caterpillar from LinkedIn:

"Lead Caterpillar’s efforts to build a culture of sustainable development in all internal business units as well as with suppliers and customers. Team with Caterpillar business units and divisions to expand existing markets through strategies that improve system sustainability. Identify and create breakthrough opportunities for sustainable development that are not currently established."

I worked with Caterpillar for many years as a vendor of fluid recycling systems. Our first Caterpillar installations were at Aurora, IL, in their heat treating department. We rocked it, and the metallurgical engineers from Cat that managed our systems loved them. Caterpillar Aurora was one of the installations highlighted in our United States Small Business New Product of the Year Award from the National Society of Professional Engineers

I was on a panel with Tim at a recent conference in Chicago earlier this month.

I had the fun chance to tell the audience that the trouble with the placement of my presentation was that I was the only thing that stood between them and the amazing Dr. Tim Lindsey.

Congratulations Tim. Congratulations Caterpillar. It's a great honor to know you both. Rock it!

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Dr. Tim Lindsey at LinkedIn

National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)

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