Sunday, February 05, 2012

Inspiring friends. Recent presentations.

I'm so very proud for the Board of Directors of the Iowa County Area Economic Development Corporation, where I'm honored to work. Our Iowa County EDC helps support the Hodan Center and their amazing Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen. My best-ever office is at the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen now. Thank you!

The work these two non-profits have accomplished together in Iowa County, WI, has been an amazing journey.

I was honored to be invited to make presentations about our work together at the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen at two important gatherings in the last few days.

The Chicago Farmers annual Farmland Investment Fair was this weekend in Joliet, IL. I'm knocked out by some new ideas that emerged from this conference. I turned in my speaker badge or that one would be in the photo too. Thanks for the invitation!

The presentations at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on Friday were also inspiring.

This meeting was hosted by my friend Colleen Callahan, State Director of the Illinois USDA Rural Development team, and USDA's Food & Nutrition Service Midwest Region. Thank you Director Callahan!

Dr. Kathleen Merrigan, USDA Deputy Secretary was the keynote.

Lee Strom, CEO and Board Chair of the U.S. Farm Credit Administration made a great presentation.

Also got to catch up with Illinois Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCOE) Warren Ribley.

The Illinois teams seamed to very supportive of our efforts to grow jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities for veterans in our shared region. I look forward to working on this.

For my presentation, I was with an amazing panel of innovators moderated by my pal Karen Lehman of Fresh Taste, in Chicago.

Many congratulations to the Boards of the Iowa County EDC and the Hodan Center for this recognition!

Our work together at the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen was well received by many new and old friends at these two great conferences. Forward!

Iowa County Area Economic Development

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

The Hodan Center

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