Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Learn more about Alice's Garden in Milwaukee!

Wisconsin has so many wonderful food related initiatives underway it could not be more inspiring.

We had a great meeting this morning at the Center For Resilient Cities and I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Venice Williams, the Program Manager for Alice's Garden in Milwaukee.

I learned that I want to learn more! There are many great programs arising from Alice's Garden that go way beyond food. Here is a short introduction from their site:

"This year, over 90 families of African American, Hmong, Burmese, Puerto Rican and Caucasian origins and a dozen community organizations cultivated organic produce at Alice’s Garden. Resting on a two- acre site within Milwaukee’s central city, Alice’s Garden is an example of a robust urban resilience program that continues to create opportunity, build social networks, and promote healthy lifestyles within the context of urban gardening."

From the History of Alice's Garden:

"Alice’s Garden, an urban agricultural project located in Johnsons Park, is a two-acre community garden located on a parcel of land that was once part of abolitionist Samuel Brown’s farm, the first farmer to provide safe passage to Caroline Quarlls, an escaped slave from St. Louis. The events at Brown’s farm led historically to the birth of the Underground Railroad in Wisconsin, establishing Johnsons Park an area of great significance in Milwaukee."

Thanks to the Center for Resilient Cities, and to Ms. Venice Williams for all your hard work on behalf of Alice's Garden in Milwaukee! And thanks to the many supporters of this great program. Forward!

Learn more about Alice's Garden in Milwaukee

Center For Resilient Cities

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