Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspiration Kitchens. Dine well. Do good.

I just read an article about the Inspiration Kitchens in Chicago and I was beyond inspired.

It was my first introduction to this wonderful enterprise. Great idea. Amazing execution.

Then 'out of the blue' I made a cool new friend with strong connections to this organization.

Here is a short intro from the Inspiration Kitchens' site:

"We look forward to welcoming you to Inspiration Kitchens, the social enterprise restaurant of Inspiration Corporation! You'll enjoy contemporary American cuisine prepared and served by students and graduates of our award-winning food service training program.

Join us for memorable meals, friendly service, stylish atmosphere and the joy of giving hope and opportunity to students working to achieve self-sufficiency. Inspiration Kitchens has helped hundreds of individuals gain the skills they need to find employment and exit homelessness and poverty."

I believe there are many areas of possible collaboration between the Inspiration Kitchens and the Innovation Kitchens. The potential for building valuable, replicable, economic development outcomes for people in need through these kinds of joint efforts is significant and sustainable.

The Inspiration Kitchens idea was pioneered by Lisa Nigro. Ms. Nigro is now focusing on helping helping people with disabilities achieve personal and job goals. My kind of hero.

What wonderful stories are circulating and enriching our lives. Dine well. Do good. Thank you Inspiration Kitchens!

Inspiration Kitchens. You're going to love this.

Chicago Tribune article about this great enterprise. "On West Side, unemployed get chance to learn a recipe for success. Gourmet restaurant in struggling neighborhood offers free training."

Join this year's 20th Annual One Inspired Evening, March 2, 2012, a fundraising event for the Inspiration Corporation with honorary Chair, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. I hope to see you there!

Our Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen salutes the great work of the Inspiration Kitchens. Forward!

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