Sunday, June 10, 2012

Celebrating Milwaukee and Wisconsin's food and beverage future

Our Milwaukee region, and our state of Wisconsin, are globally relevant leaders in the world of safe, sustainable food processing.

We have global A-Game talent. We have the human networks and the physical infrastructure in place. We have an amazingly diverse agricultural capacity to grow, process and distribute an abundance of great foods.

Perhaps most important, we have the water resources, as well as the water science and engineering expertise in Wisconsin to make it all sustainable.

Here is a great quote from my friend Shelly Jurewicz, leader of our Milwaukee M7 Food and Beverage group:

"We truly have a wealth of companies in this industry, in this region," Jurewicz said. "Everyone from growers, makers, bakers, brewers, bottlers, educators, scientists, farmers, distributors, grocers and restaurateurs bring something to the table."

"There are currently 243 food and beverage manufacturers located in the seven-county Milwaukee region, employing 14,700 people. Seven of the world's 11 largest food manufacturers have a presence in the region, and Wisconsin has the greatest concentration of food industry workers in the nation."


Wisconsin is a world leader in food based economic development. It's also a tremendous place to live and do business in the globally relevant world of safe, wholesome foods. Join us!

FaB Milwaukee site. Thanks Shelly and friends!

BizTimes article about M7

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