Thursday, June 07, 2012

Help a great new food company with your vote

At the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen I have made many wonderful new friends.

Among my favorites are Karen and John, proprietors of The Elegant Vegan, a great new food products company I patronize and support.

Karen and John just sent out a short note (below) asking for community support (votes!) to support their application to Mission Small Business. Below is Karen's note:

"Dear Friend,

We write to ask you to vote for The Elegant Vegan by June 30 us to make us eligible for a grant from Mission Small Business.

As you may know, we started a vegan food product company about two and a half years ago. We wanted a broader selection of really good foods that we wanted to eat and found that many others shared our desire for tasty, healthy foods. You can get more information about our two food lines, The Elegant Vegan and Vegan Eats ‘N Treats from our two websites: The Elegant Vegan & Vegan Eats 'N Treats. You’ll see that we established a company that has a socially responsible aspect to it as we employ a non-profit owned commercial kitchen that has a licensed kitchen staff and hires people with disabilities to carry out non-technical tasks.

We also pledge to donate 2% of our net profits to organizations that promote social justice. You’ll see what people say about our products and you’ll also see photos and descriptions of some of our products. What you won’t see is that in a short period of time we’ve captured the interest of Whole Foods Markets in Madison, Milwaukee, Evanston, and Chicago, the Outpost in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, A Natural Harvest and KMT health food stores in Chicago, and Perelandra in Brooklyn, New York, all of which are in the process of placing orders or putting systems in place to order our products.

We are poised to grow and are applying for a grant from Mission Small Business that would provide needed resources to support this growth.

We therefore urge you to follow these steps to vote (takes about 3 minutes):

1. Go to this link at Mission Small Business.. You will see on the bottom right side of the screen the message: Log in with Facebook to support your community.

2. Click on Log in & Support, where you will need to log on with your Facebook account.

3. Enter The Elegant Vegan into the search box and it will take you to a place where you can vote for us (Maxey Lynn is our parent company and we are based in Wisconsin).

We would appreciate it if you would forward this message to members of your network and ask them to vote for us. We need to obtain 250 votes by June 30th.

We are really depending on your help as we don’t think we even know 250 people between us! If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks so much!

Karen and John"


This is a wonderful example of great people, great food and an outstanding small business all coming together to promote social good. Please follow the Mission Small Business link below and vote for my friends Karen and John at The Elegant Vegan. Best of luck friends!

Vote for The Elegant Vegan at Mission Small Business starting here

The Elegant Vegan

Vegan Eats 'N Treats

While you're at it, check out Karen and John's lovely B&B Ye Olde Manor House in beautiful Elkhorn, WI.

Photo is of one of my favorites from The Elegant Vegan, Sweetly Pickled Radishes.

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

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