Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good news for community food processing last week

We're in the midst of an opportunity to grow businesses, entrepreneurship and good jobs through food.

The Innovation Kitchen model was highlighted along with other great projects at our Milwaukee (M7) Food and Beverage Advisory Board meeting on Tuesday.

Right after the M7 FaB meeting, I got the chance to meet with a great new friend working on economic development in inner city Milwaukee. There is so much opportunity for rural and urban regions to collaborate on job creation through food entrepreneurship. This could be fun.

And (drumroll...) our Iowa County Board approved a loan package that will help open a USDA inspected poultry processing facility in our beautiful Highland, Wisconsin. They will be able to process emu too. What fun. This has been a project my economic development org has been involved with from the start.

Congratulations Midwest Poultry and Ratite! Congratulations Highland!

New presentation: I was honored by an invitation this week to speak at the Illinois Farm Bureau's Local Food Connections and Technical Summit in early August in Bloomington. My presentation will focus on strategies for developing and integrating local food processing opportunities across the region.

New friends: I also had a chance later in the week to visit the Michael Fields Institute in East Troy, WI and got to meet with David Andrews, Executive Director. The Michael Fields Institute's mission is to "cultivate the ecological, social, economic, and spiritual vitality of food and farming systems through education, research, policy and market development." Great visit. I'm looking forward to learning more.

A great week for local food processing initiatives and meeting new friends!

FaB Milwaukee. The Milwaukee 7 Food and Beverage Industry Network.

Illinois Farm Bureau

Michael Fields Institute

Highland - in beautiful Iowa County, Wisconsin.

Raw Dog Relish. The Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen prepares and processes Raw Dog Relish for my friend Mike. I really love the label Mike's designed, including the 5 Top Uses for Raw Dog Relish:
Pile on brats
Pile on burgers
Pile on hot dogs
Pile on steaks
Pile on crackers

I agree!. To order your own Raw Dog Relish call the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen at 608 987 3558.

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