Sunday, June 17, 2012

What 3 questions would you ask a community interested in economic development?

My friend Laura Brown is the Community Development Specialist at the Center for Community & Economic Development at our University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension.

She posed a question over on LinkedIn to the economic development professionals group that got me wondering. She asked: "If you could ask three questions to find out if a community is ready for economic development what would they be?"

I have always focused on creating customers and building an inclusive culture of entrepreneurship. Here's how I answered...

Is there a will to focus on creating new customers for your community?

Is there a will to invest the time (3-5 years) and budget to create a culture of entrepreneurship in your community?

Will you agree that whatever strategy is adopted, access to the tools and benefits of economic development should be available to the widest number of people in your community?

Without a 'yes' to all 3, you don't have many sustainable options.

Photo taken our Olbrich Gardens, late May.

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