Friday, July 13, 2007

5 Reasons to Create Your First Start Up

The title of this piece is a blog title written by Chris Campbell. This was written in Nov. 2006 by Chris who co-founded Wufoo, which is a very nice new web based form that I've just started using. ("The best thing to happen to forms since the submit button" - I wholeheartedly agree!)

Chris hits on some real trouble spots possible in some types of start ups. Although I believe Chris is a young man, he speaks with experience and describes these pitfalls well.

This kind of talk will likely scare off many of my boomer pals but Chris Campbell's piece is not talking about boomer micro start ups.

It's geared toward small tech startups

Here is some from Chris Campbell piece linked below...

"The moral of the story is that now is a great time to begin your first startup because there is usually a lot to learn before your first real success. The act of starting a business will help to solidify your ideas, weed out bad co-founders and give you a feel for the time commitment required."

Here's Chris' list:

1) It Prepares You for How Much Work Is Involved

2) It’ll Teach You What to Look for in a Cofounder

3) It’ll Show You How Flexible Your Ideas Need to Be

4) It’ll Teach You the Importance of Passion

5) It’ll Show You How Little You Know About Money

Read the details. It's short and worth it.

The Wufoo blog piece

Check out this cool Wufoo site

I'm also a big fan of the venture folks behind them and one of their principals Paul Graham. Check out Y-Combinator

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