Sunday, July 01, 2007

The world needs you now

I was doing some research for a new client and came across a wonderful piece in Ode Magazine.

It was not written in support of small scale entrepreneurship, but I think its message comes through loud and clear in support of people considering their own start up enterprises.

Jurriaan Kamp, the Ode Editor wrote the piece, titled, "What the world needs now!"

Here are some excerpts from the July/August 2007 issue that I found to be empowering in support of people wanting to make a small difference through their work.

"'Science won't change the world. People will'" declares Ervin Laszlo, founder of The Club of Budapest, an international gathering of visionary scholars and artists. 'There is no single scientific recipe for positive change. We don't need scientific breakthroughs. We already have the tools we need for change. We don't need change in science. We need change in attitude'."

Mr. Laszlo is a renowned scholar and a philosopher of science. He is not taking the Luddite path here. He is imploring all of us to wake up and smell the possibilities for meaningful, positive change.

The article finishes with this: "Despite formidable challenges facing humanity, Laszlo remains optimistic, 'More and more people are starting to live differently and change their priorities. They experience the miracle of life instead of fighting for survival, wealth and power. It's a choice anyone can make. And each such choice will change the world'."

Many people around the world are taking it upon themselves to form new, small organizations to solve problems small and large in their neighborhoods, their countries and across the wide world. These can be commercial enterprises or non-profits. The problems can be as mundane as fixing some recurring everyday problem in the lives of people in their community to setting up big picture fixes they can contribute to.

The point here is that, well, as the article title states, what the world needs now!

wiki Ervin Laszlo

Ode magazine And now for the good news... Thanks Mr. Kamp.

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