Monday, July 16, 2007

Entrepreneurial happiness? Get more out of life 5 different ways.

I read (and recommend) a blog called LifeHacker. Their posts for 5/26/07 included a link to Though the author probably didn't intend it, I thought there was a good entrepreneurship spin in this piece.

Get more out of life 5 different ways

1. Live Below Your Means

2. Put Your Money to Work

3. Educate Yourself (Rick's note - entrepreneurship education is all over the place)

4. Develop Lasting Personal Relationships

5. Work Towards a Dream You’re Passionate About (Rick's note 2 - a good working definition of entrepreneurship)

Taken from 5 - (Rick note: A slow motion, small scale, DYI start up fits this perfectly. I recommend starting with a not-open-for-commerce-yet web site to roll out your dream and your emerging enterprise):

"Even if your life isn’t perfect, you can always build towards a goal you’re passionate about. If you aren’t building towards something, you’re probably stagnating. When this happens to me I start to feel like a victim trapped by my own life. The best way to reverse this is working towards a goal. We can’t control everything about our lives, but working towards a goal gives us something positive to focus on and lays the foundation for future success. No matter what your passion is, get out there and start doing something. As Lao Tzu said, even a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step."

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