Saturday, July 21, 2007

Visual illusions

Let's see, how are we going to dress this up as entrepreneurial research, and not as something to do when you need to get your head out of your work for a bit?

I know. How's this for a thesis: entrepreneurship is something people stare at, wonder about, analyze, pontificate on, and get rhapsodic over. Yet it's my belief that we all see something different in the subject.

Ms. Kim Komando, The Digital Goddess posted a great 'site of the day' that I want to pass on for no other reason than it's... oh yeah, a great research site for entrepreneurship.

Professor Michael Bach, an optical scientist from the University of Freiburg has put up examples of 72 different visual illusions, with the capability of changing the speed of the components to prove to yourself that, oh yeah, you're doing research.

This is really cool!

Dr. Bach's visual illusion examples

Kim Komando, America's digital goddess. Kim has a very good radio show and newsletters you can locate from her site.

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