Friday, March 25, 2011

Huffington Post Health cites Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

"Prevention Works: Affordable Care Act Is Already Building Health Where You Live"
March 25, 2011. Emphasis added.

"The communities where we live, work, learn and play should thrive. Your family, the kids your children play with at school, the family that lives next door to you, deserve support as they strive to be healthy. Local businesses trying to prosper shouldn't be brought down by skyrocketing health costs and low productivity related to the declining health of their workforce."

"Prevention is local, and involves all of us. La Crosse County Wisconsin's Farm2School program is helping Wisconsin kids eat Wisconsin food. Over 5,000 students are eating and learning how to cook locally-grown foods including cabbage, beets, wild rice, potatoes and winter squash, grown by local Wisconsin farmers, and prepared locally instead of being shipped in from California, Florida or even Chile. Local food processing facility Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen pre-processes the food to reduce labor costs in the school kitchens..."

"America could be -- should be -- a nation committed to the health of its people, not solely to the treatment and management of its sick. We want children and parents to take for granted that the places they live, work, play, and learn are going to support them in healthy eating, physical activity and living smoke-free -- not make it harder."

"Prevention is making that possible today."

On behalf of the Hodan Center and their wonderful Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen, many thanks for recognition!

"Prevention Works: Affordable Care Act Is Already Building Health Where You Live"

Written by Larry Cohen for the Huffington Post Health. Larry is Executive Director, Prevention Institute in Oakland, CA.

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Hodan Center

Iowa County (WI) Area Economic Development


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Alissa B said...

Even when you have major medical insurance plans, it's always nice when health is a community effort.

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