Friday, March 04, 2011

Join us at Family Farmed Expo March 17 -19 in Chicago! Building Social Enterprises.

What a wonderful event this year's Family Farmed Expo in Chicago looks to be.

I'll be doing a presentation on Thursday, March 17, which is devoted to their 'Financing Farm to Fork Conference'

The panel I'll be joining is titled, 'Building Social Enterprises'. Our group will be moderated by Zina Murray of the Logan Square Kitchen (good luck, Zina!). Our panel includes a cool new friend I worked with last weekend, Orrin Williams, Executive Director of the Center for Urban Transformation, and Dennis Ryan from the Experimental Station, an org on Chicago's South Side I'm just getting introduced to. Great work from all!

I'm going to talk about our Innovation Kitchen and the emerging Food Action Alliance we're helping launch. I am very much looking forward to presenting these experiments under the banner of building social enterprises.

Will Allen of Growing Power fame and Gary Hirshberg from Stonyfield Farm will keynote. Can't wait.

Here's an overview of the full Expo program borrowed from the FamilyFarmed site:

"Thursday features our world-class Financing Farm to Fork conference supporting the local food movement by encouraging investment in farm and food production, processing and distribution businesses."

"Friday features the Midwest’s leading local food trade show, a major school food track, our Meet the Buyers reception, an innovative Food Policy Summit, and the scrumptious Localicious Party to cap the day."

"Saturday features cooking demos from celebrity chefs, educational workshops, Sally Fallon and an interactive Kids Corner."

Looks like a wonderful event!

Organizations like the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen that support people with disabilities work at some of the toughest and most troubled margins of our economy. The work of the Innovation Kitchen is creating some of the hardest jobs to make in this economic environment.

The Innovation Kitchen is doing it by helping local foods grow into new opportunities and new markets.

Local foods organizations emerging nationwide can incorporate this talented and professional workforce to enhance their own efforts. They can grow their organizations while helping grow jobs for vulnerable people who really need them right now.

I'm watching it work at the Innovation Kitchen.

I can't wait to talk about our experiments in building social enterprises at the FamilyFarmed Expo on March 17 in Chicago!

Rick bio, Family Farmed Expo

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Center For Urban Transformation. Orrin Williams and friends. Founding principals and philosophy: "sustainable urban community and economic development."

Experimental Station. Dennis Ryan and friends. Creating and supporting "innovative cultural, educational, and environmental projects and small-scale enterprises."

Logan Square Kitchen. Zina Murray and friends. "As a greenhouse for little businesses, we give culinary talent a place to develop."

Yikes! Look at how cool Jim Slamma and the FamilyFarmed team are at digital:

FamilyFarmed on Facebook

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Directions and parking


Conference overview

Conference schedule

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