Monday, March 21, 2011

Iowa County Area Entrepreneurs' Club meeting Wednesday 3/23

I'm going to do the presentation for our monthly Entrepreneurs' Club meeting this Wednesday March 23. Please join us if you're in the area

Our working title is:

How effective startups build business models.

Creating reality based business plans.

Among working entrepreneurs there is shared understanding that almost no business plans survive the first customer.

How can you increase the value of your business plans? What are the key questions you must know for lenders, investors, and most importantly, yourself?

Effective business plans are based on reality not guess work. It is important that business plans include as much actual data as you can develop. This discussion will consider action steps new entrepreneurs can do to create the knowledge base they need to create a strategy that works in the marketplace.

Behind all business plan number crunching are customers. New entrepreneurs need to have answers to the following questions:

• What problems do you fix?
• Why will customers pay you?
• Why will customers return?
• What don’t you know about your actual costs? Where to look?
• How many vendor options do you have?
• How many potential customers do you need on your list before proceeding?

What’s the most valuable way to present your information to investors?

Presenter: Rick Terrien is the Executive Director of the Iowa County Area Economic Development Corp. Rick is a lifelong serial entrepreneur, winning multiple national awards for business innovation and new product development. Rick’s work was recently featured in the Wisconsin State Journal: “Rick Terrien is dedicated to helping people start new businesses” February 27, 2011

Link to the State Journal article.

Join us!

What: Iowa County Area Entrepreneur’s Club

When: Wednesday March. 23 Doors open 5:30 PM. Meeting at 6 PM

Where: Stonefield Apartments 407 E. Madison St. Dodgeville, WI 53533

There will be a social time beginning at 5:30 and the meeting will begin at 6 PM. The location is at the Stonefield Apartments, 851 407 E. Madison St., Dodgeville WI. The event is free to the public.

Networking among attendees will be encouraged in the evening's program. "Our goal is to grow our network of entrepreneurs, small businesses, innovators and those that support them in the Iowa County area", said Rick Terrien, Executive Director of ICAEDC.

The Iowa County Area Entrepreneurs Club is an informational forum where entrepreneurs, inventors, existing businesses, new businesses and people thinking about starting their own businesses can come together to encourage each other and share challenges and opportunities. The group meets on a monthly basis, usually the fourth Wednesday of the month.

The Iowa County Area Economic Development Corporation

Our ICAEDC Entrepreneurs' Club page

Napkin is from Seattle's Best Coffee, who operated a store inside the Borders book store on Madison's west side. This was a great bookstore with wonderful employees that we will miss.

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