Saturday, March 12, 2011

University of Wisconsin Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic

I've just met new friends at the University of Wisconsin Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic.

This is a unique and valuable resource with a goal of successful entrepreneurship that offers a specific professional capacity in entrepreneurship law.

This piece of the fight is especially fraught with danger and knowing these good folks are out there, in the game, is encouraging and energizing. High end entrepreneurship law is a vital piece to entrepreneurial economies but this capacity is usually out of reach to most entrepreneurs.

The fact that our Wisconsin Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic is based in our amazing new Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery is very cool. Their location in the Town Center of this facility means they are sitting at the focal point of life sciences research and technology transfer in Wisconsin, the region and the world.

Our L&E Clinic is putting the 'Wisconsin Idea' into action. That is the goal of supporting education and development beyond the classroom to all areas and applied to all parts of the economy in our state and beyond.

This includes food and agriculture, a $59 billion dollar industry in Wisconsin. I believe our amazing Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen platform, and now our new network of food facilities, the Food Action Alliance, can produce great new food entrepreneurs, innovative new businesses and many new jobs in Wisconsin with the kind of resources our L&E Clinic provides.

Borrowed from their web site:

A guiding light for entrepreneurs

"Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in turning an invention or idea into a flourishing business. Yet the obstacles to starting or expanding a business often appear daunting.

What form should the business take? What’s the best way to move an idea out of a garage, dorm room or lab and into private space for commercial development? What financing options exist?

The University of Wisconsin Law School’s Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic provides free legal help to answer these and other questions. Working with the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and more than a dozen of Wisconsin’s leading law firms, the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic helps entrepreneurs and small business owners realize their potential.

Now located in the Town Center at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic offers easy access for personal appointments as well as online consultation."

Great stuff. The UW L&E Clinic is a powerful resource for those enterprises needing higher end entrepreneurship law guidance. There are many other local and regional economic development and business support groups offering entry-level help to new entrepreneurs. However, for emerging enterprises that can get to launch speed, oh my gosh, our UW L&E Clinic is a great opportunity.

Thanks to UW Law and the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery for making this great resource available.

Wisconsin's motto: Forward!

UW Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic. Thanks Eric Englund and friends!

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

The Wisconsin Idea

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

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