Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy curriculum

I've met a new friend who helped direct the Sacramento (CA) Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA). In learning more about this program I'm just lit up about the possibilities this kind of approach to entrepreneurship could mean to food, agriculture and rural communities worldwide.

We've been building our Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen business model to be a platform for experimenting in food business innovation and entrepreneurship.

The SEA format focuses on college students but the same process could readily be applied to support food and farm entrepreneurs.

Here's a brief overview borrowed from their site:

"The Program:

Membership in the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy provides students with:

* a “real world” business education taught by successful entrepreneurs
* mentoring and support from a Board of Directors comprised of local business and academic leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and service providers
* an opportunity to develop and refine a business plan that is presented to the business community
* incredible networking opportunities
* ongoing educational programs and networking opportunities after graduation"

My new friend contributed to SEA as a Board member and Curriculum Director. Thanks Kurt for introducing me to this wonderful work and I look forward to learning more.


Program and curriculum at the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy.

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

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