Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Chicago Farmers Farmland Investment Fair - Feb. 4th

I'm looking forward to making an Innovation Kitchen presentation at this year's Chicago Farmers Farmland Investment Fair, Saturday Feb. 4 in the Joliet, IL area.

From The Chicago Farmers web site: "The purpose of The Chicago Farmers is to provide a forum for education and the exchange of information between its members and others allied to agribusiness. This is carried out with a number of member directed activities scheduled throughout the year which provide members a means to enhance knowledge, profitability, stewardship, consumer awareness, and fellowship."

The Innovation Kitchen model for value added food processing presents many opportunities for increasing the productivity and value of farm land. I'm looking forward to sharing this story with new friends at The Chicago Farmers Farmland Investment Fair. Join us!

Registration for The Chicago Farmers Farmland Fair, Feb. 4. Links to conference agenda.

The Chicago Farmers home page.

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen


Rich Schell said...

Thanks for blogging about the Fair. Looking forward to seeing your presentation on Saturday

option trading said...

Its such a shame that I missed this fair. I have been planning to venture into agriculture and farming recently.

Options Trading Tips said...

I also missed this event bu I'll try my best to attend next time.