Saturday, January 07, 2012

TIME: Why 2012 will be the Year of the Entrepreneur

Time Magazine/Moneyland posted this piece to start off 2012.

I especially like the phrase 'collective entrepreneurial activity'. This is the strategy we're developing for the Innovation Kitchen right now.

"Much like the protesters of 2011, collective entrepreneurial action in 2012 has the real power to change the world. While individual success is certainly not easy to obtain or guaranteed by any means, educating the global population about entrepreneurship’s benefits, affordability and accessibility must remain a top priority. Encouraging more entrepreneurs to take action will not only revitalize the global economy, it will also fundamentally change the value proposition for starting a business, and the foundation on which the economy as a whole functions."

"That is why, even though the new year has just begun, the “Entrepreneur” gets my vote for TIME’s 2012 Person of the Year. I can only hope that you will be featured on the magazine’s cover before the year ends."

I've been saying this for a long while as a mantra for this blog: This is the renaissance age of entrepreneurship and it's just beginning. You can do it. Welcome.

2012: The Year of the Entrepreneur? Time/Moneyland

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