Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thank you Center for Veterans Issues in Milwaukee!

A group of us working on food collaborations met at the Center for Veterans Issues a couple days before Christmas to look for ways to work together.

We met again Friday and started taking some action steps. Nothing definitive. The idea is to launch a few experiments and learn together. This is a really good idea that deserves to move forward.

Here is how my pal Godsil wrote it up on his Facebook page: "Looking to connect with veterans who either "own recipes" or can partner with chefs to create new food lines for local and regional markets, e.g. Madison Milwaukee Chicago, "from the ground up businesses," with Innovation Kitchens and the Center for Veterans Issues poised to provide kitchen and business support resources."

One of the veterans at our meeting has a great recipe from the Harambee neighborhood in Milwaukee that I want to do. We'll just have a few spots to experiment with initially but we'll start a process to expand the system and bring in more veteran partners through the year.

Here is a good overview of the work of the Center for Veterans Issues from their new CVI Facebook page:

"Center for Veterans Issues is recognized nationally for innovative housing solutions coupled with supportive services as well as for its economic development and job training programs. On any given night, CVI feeds, houses and provide reintegration services (including vocational training and employment placement) to almost 300 homeless veterans. In the past 20 years, Center for Veterans Issues has been contacted more than 140,000 times. Of these contacts, 46,959 service connections with homeless and low-income veterans have been made. Center for Veterans Issues has had some measure of success with almost 85% of these veterans. Success is achieved when a veteran has a source of income, physical, mental and spiritual health and a place of their own to live."

I am very excited to be starting a collaboration with all my new friends in Milwaukee but especially those good folks serving our veterans in need. The photo above is of the beautiful community room at CVI's Veterans Manor at 35th and Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. Their Troop Cafe will be open to the public this coming April. What a great place for a partnership with the Innovation Kitchen model to flourish.

I look forward to sharing these new experiments in food and economic development. Congratulations Center for Veterans Issues for all your great work!

Center for Veterans Issues

New Veterans Complex Also Features Kitchen To Serve Community. Story at Milwaukee's

CVI Executive Vice President Dawn Nuoffer recognized as one of Milwaukee area's 'Forty under 40' by the Business Journal. Congratulations Dawn!

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Iowa County Area Economic Development Corp. Leading new rural / urban partnerships in Wisconsin.

Photo credit of CVI's community room (above) to - -Thank you

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