Thursday, January 19, 2012

Food is more than what we eat

You're not supposed to play favorites with co-workers.

I get to work with many, many wonderful friends at the Hodan Center's Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen in Iowa County, WI. This is pals-for-life stuff. What a great blessing.

Yet among all these great friends, it's likely all of us would put Norma in the front of the photo.

Our dear friend Norma has been employed and supported by the Hodan Center since its opening in 1972.

Norma is pictured here cutting the ribbon at the Grand Opening of the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen in 2010.

The other image of Norma in her pearls is from the Innovation Kitchen's employee appreciation party this week.

The customers and partners of the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen made this possible. They helped make great jobs for Norma, Adam, Margaret, Mitch, Julie and all of the team. This facility is beginning to flourish thanks to you.

What a success story for local foods and economic development. Good foods can be created and produced safely, for commercial scale by a certified, professional food processing staff in a state licensed facility. Our team is led by the Hodan Center's Food Service Director and Mistress of the Universe Annette Pierce. Under her guidance, Norma and all our friends can play valuable roles in the food chain.

There are so many great opportunities available in this model. We're working to replicate it.

The job creating stories Norma and friends can share with exciting new urban partners like the Milwaukee veterans organizations (and vice versa) seem limitless.

This is a great story about a wonderful new experiment in community based local food processing.

Food is more than what we eat.

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen

Hodan Center

Iowa County Area Economic Development

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